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Wish you didn’t have to carry all those SIMs?

Want to know more about your cellular connection?

In recent weeks we have introduced you to our quikCONNECT modems range. This week we move onto the installation area.

Supposing you now want to survey the intended location where the modem and antenna will be installed to determine cellular reception; how will you do it?

Well, you could carry a load of SIMs around with you, but do you really want to be carrying them around and trying to keep track of them? The alternative is carrying a “made for the job” analyser, like the SNYPER-3G, which looks the part and delivers results in an easy to read fashion. When you’ve finished with it, you can put it back in it’s carrycase and have it handy for the next time you need it. All designed to save you time, improve performance and get you on to the next job.

So what will it do for you at your particular location? It will:
• Survey the 3G and 2G networks
• Determine the best network for that location
• Sequence results by signal strength
• Provide a summary of surrounding network base-stations at set signal strength levels
• Save your last set of results on the device itself

Oh, and the good news is, you don’t need any SIMs.

Click the link below to get your hands on a SNYPER-3G

Surveying the Cellular Network