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Want to maximise your signal strength?

Want to know more about your cellular connection?

Last week we covered the Siretta SNYPER-3G - a signal analyser which surveys the cellular network and return results for GSM and UMTS base stations.

This week we focus on another member of the SNYPER-3G family, the SNYPER-3G Spectrum.

With the SNYPER-3G Spectrum you can save up to 50 surveys. All saved survey results can be downloaded to your PC in HTML or CSV format and you can perform a real time liveSCAN of your site/area to assist with optimum antenna location.

For the most accurate alignment to a desired base station, we recommend using a high performance directional antenna (liveSCAN antenna kit). Please note that a SIM is required to perform the liveSCAN feature.

For more information or to order yours now - click the link below!