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How do your cellular results stack up?

Saving cellular network surveys and downloading to your PC

Welcome to our latest email on signal strength testing - introducing you to the SNYPER-3G Prism.

What does it do for you?

The SNYPER-3G Prism is great for saving your cellular network surveys and downloading them in user friendly formats to your PC. This means you can analyse, store and share the results, aswell as make decisions on operator performance that benefits your customers and their solutions.

5 things the SNYPER-3G Prism does for you:
• Surveys the cellular network
• Strongest to weakest network signal results
• Summarises available towers at defined signal strength levels for each network operator
• Saves up to 50 surveys on the device
• USB download so you can save results on your PC in CSV and HTML formats

All of this comes to you enclosed in a rugged carry case with antenna, power adaptor and USB cable.

No SIM is required to perform the functions on the SNYPER-3G Prism.

For more information or to order yours now - click the link below!