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Telegesis ZigBee module with integrated ARM Cortex M-3 is a first

The ETRX3 series is the 3rd generation of advanced ZigBee modules from Telegesis and the first module family on the market to feature the EM357 - the latest ARM Cortex M-3 SOC from Ember.

ETRX3 Module
This low power, high performance module with efficient memory utilisation makes it possible for users to add wireless ZigBee to their existing products without the need for specialist RF design skills.
A link budget of 105dB on the standard ETRX3 module gives excellent working range performance and combined with 192K Flash, 12K RAM and many advanced peripherals allows the straightforward integration of user applications on board the module.
If you are looking for ZigBee modules with better RF performance, then the ETRX3-LR with an extra LNA boosts the power to 123dB.
ETRX3 series modules are AT command driven and have a footprint of just 19x25mm for both standard and LNA driven variations. They are available with on board antenna or Hirose U.FL connector for use with an external antenna.

Development Kit
The ETRX3-DVK development kit is an ideal starting point for development and evaluation of the ETRX357 2.4GHz ZigBee modules.
Offering the highest wireless networking performance and application code space at low power consumption and with the modules unique AT-style command line interface, the ETRX3-DVK allows designers to quickly integrate ZigBee technology without complex software engineering effort.
The kit contains 3 USB development boards and 2 of each ETRX357 variants on carrier boards along with all other ancillary components required to get the kit up and running once connected to a PC.