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3D video support added to the Quantum Data 780

Sequoia Technology today announced support for HDMI 1.4a 3D testing on the 780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI. The 780 is a battery powered, portable multimedia A/V signal generator and analyzer that can quickly check the HDMI digital ports on HDMI devices such as HDTVs, projectors, repeaters, A/V receivers, players, set-top-boxes, etc.

The 780 instrument's 3D capabilities include features for testing both source devices and sink devices equipped with 3D. In the initial release, two 3D format structures are supported-Side-by-Side half and Top-and-Bottom-additional 3D formats will be available in the near future. Users can select any of the HDMI 1.3 3D resolutions (timings) through the 780's touch screen display.

For testing HDMI sink devices, the 780 can render a variety of standard 2D patterns and can now render 3D bitmap patterns as well. Users can create their own 3D bitmaps from existing stereoscopic image pairs using Quantum Data's free 3D Bitmap Conversion Tool. When 3D video is transmitted from the 780, it also transmits the necessary 3D infoframe metadata in the HDMI Vendor Specific Infoframe. In this way, an HDTV's response to 3D metadata can be verified.

For testing HDMI 3D-capable source devices, the 780 parses the incoming 3D video and displays the left and right eye images on the 780's built-in display. With the 780's Network Analyzer option, the 3D infoframe metadata and timing data, transmitted from the source device, can be examined as well.

Additional 3D-related enhancements are planned. More 3D format structures will be supported as well as the parsing and display of 3D related EDID data from a 3D-equipped HDMI sink. Also planned is support for emulating the EDID of a 3D-equipped sink.

The 780 combines versatility, portability with ease of use and at an attractive price. Whether in the development lab or out in the field, the 780 is an ideal tool for investigating interoperability problems or conducting routine testing of sources and sinks. Existing 780 owners can download the 3D update for free.

Sequoia has a demonstration unit that can be shown to anyone interested in this product.