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New Range of GPRS and 3G Wireless Terminals, SQ864 GPRS and SQ864-3G

Sequoia Technology is pleased to announce the launch of a range of GPRS and 3G wireless terminals, SQ864 GPRS and SQ864-3G. Taking advantage of the latest in GPRS and 3G technology, Sequoia have produced a low cost, high performance terminal that is perfect for many M2M applications.

The SQ864 GPRS and 3G is an industrial terminal solution perfect for the wireless M2M market. Both the GPRS and 3G devices offer a high level of functionality in a compact plug and play housing with a host of interfaces that allow you to easily integrate into your system. Together with its small size and advanced set of features it integrates perfectly into a wide range of M2M applications such as remote monitoring and control, meter reading, telemetry, logistics, diagnostics, remote access, vending and security.

SQ864-GPRS & 3G allows you to communicate to your equipment with CSD and GPRS data services provided by the network providers. The SQ864 GPRS and 3G use Quad-Band GPRS class 10 technology that operates around the globe and with extended temperature range can be used in harsh environments. The SQ864-3G uses a high performance 3G module that runs on the 2100 UMTS band that operates across Europe and several networks across the globe providing connection speed up to 7Mbps.

The integrated TCP/IP stack greatly simplifies network services such as connecting to the internet, sending emails, connecting to a FTP server and opening data socket connections through simple and easy to use AT Commands. With the broad supply voltage range (5-15v DC) the SQ864 family can be used in a wide range of embedded and real world solutions.

Sequoia's SQ864-3G can be provided with Windows, Linux and WinCE CDC serial USB drivers that significantly ease the integration in existing applications as well as standard RS232 serial.

Sequoia have produced a family of products that are perfect for the challenging M2M market, for further information please contact Tim Clayton at Sequoia technology on 01189 769031.