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Low Cost Precision 24 Bit A/D converters

Low Cost Low Power 24-Bit Analog To Digital Converters

Sequoia Technology Group has launched a family of cost effective Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital converters reduces cost and power without compromising performance. Our new line of A/D converters designed for weigh scale, strain gauges, portable instrumentation and data acquisition provide exceptional performance, with optimised power consumption and allow design engineers the tools to reduce design time dramatically. Many features of these devices, including on chip LDO, low noise gain amplifier and on board crystal reduce external component requirements making it a must for any engineer requiring high performance at low power and low cost.

Both the parts in the family operate at -400C to +850C and are available in SOP and PDIP packages.


The Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) provides selectable gains from 1 to 128. The A/D conversion is performed with a Sigma-Delta modulator and programmable FIR filter that provides a simultaneous 50Hz and 60Hz notch filter to effectively improve interference immunity. Also available is a standard two wire interface, compatible with I2C protocol for simple and straightforward connection to a wide range of host microcontrollers.

Available in SOP-8 and PDIP-8 packages.

For more information please click here: NAU7801


With its two channel configuration and up to 23 bit ENOB (Effective Number Of Bits), the NAU7802, like the NAU7801 has outstanding power saving features that enable the powering only the elements of the chip that are needed. The standby current for this part is less than 1 µA and the operating power with both Oscillator and LDO ON is only 2.1 mA.

Available in SOP-16 (150mil) / PDIP-16 packages.

For more information please click here: NAU7802