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One Fibre Detachable DVI Extender and Passive Splitter reduce costs


One Fibre Detachable DVI Extender And Passive Splitter Reduce Costs

Two new products introduced by Sequoia Technology Group that distribute DVI signals from one source to many displays break cost and technology barriers.

Many Digital Signage, Video wall, medical and military applications require a single digital video source to be transmitted to several digital displays using fibre optic extenders and distributors.

A fibre optic DVI extender allows digital video to travel hundreds of meters, without losing any information from interference, allowing the image or video to be shown on the display exactly how the sender expected it. This is not possible using CAT5 type cables, as these are prone to electromagnetic interference losing vital data during the video transfer.

The One Fibre Detachable DVI Extender DVFX-110 is the latest in the line of Fibre Optic products from Sequoia Technology Group capable of driving uncompressed WUXGS (1920x1200) 60 Hz DVI signals up to 1000 meters. Furthermore the self EDID feature allows the EDID data to be read from the display to transmit the video signal with the correct characteristics.

One important characteristic of DVFX-110 is that a single signal from a source (PC, DVD, etc.) can be transmitted to up to 16 displays, or sinks, using the OPS-XYZ passive splitter. The OPS-XYZ does not require external  power source, and along with the use of single fibre technology  reduces cost in material and installation.

The OPX-XYZ is available in a number of configurations, starting from one input to 16 outputs, to two inputs and 16 outputs. Both the DVFX-110 and the OPS-XYZ use standard LC connectors, popular in fibre optic connections.

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