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New Wireless Temperature and Humidity Solution from Sequoia

The Sequoia Wireless Sensor (SWS) range is a very user friendly solution for monitoring and recording temperature readings from -10⁰C to +50⁰C and humidity readings from 0~100%RH. Using a central Ethernet base station SWS-R1, which communicates wirelessly to battery operated compact sensor units SWS-TH1. The data is sent back to an easy to use software program which graphical displays current and previous readings.

SWS-TH1 Wireless SensorKey Points

  • Eliminate wire network set up costs and labour time.
  • Reduces maintenance complexity and cost.
  • Flexible in extension.
  • Support varied network topology.
  • Battery Sensor Box (AA*2) life lasts for one year.
  • SWS-TH1 Dimensions: 42*36*68mm.
  • SWS-R1 Dimensions: 28*61.5*99m.

The SWS series use a wireless system without the user needing to have any technical knowledge on wireless networks. Setup and running in 5 simple steps.

1. Just Place the SWS-TH1 sensors in the areas you wish to monitor.

2. Place the gateway unit (SWS-R1) near your PC or suitable LAN connection and connect the Ethernet cable.

3. Switch all sensor units on, along with the gateway unit.

4. Press the communicate button on each sensor unit.

5. All sensor units will then communicate with the gateway unit, passing the temperature and humidity information to the gateway unit to enable the user to see the consolidated information on a PC.

The maximum range of this system is approximately 120 metres from each sensor unit to the gateway. This enables a sizeable area to be covered with multiple sensor units. The gateway unit has to be in range of all sensor units deployed. Email alerts can be sent if the temperature or humidity reading goes outside parameters set by the user.

SWS-TH1 Wireless SensorAdditional sensor units can be added to an existing network as required. Just add the extra sensor units switch them on and place in your desired position in range of the existing working gateway (120m) and all will connect seamlessly with no further intervention by the user. Up to 90 sensor units can be added to connect with one gateway.

Examples of where and why to use the SWS-TH1

Museums, Archives, Galleries – With irreplaceable artifacts and priceless works of art environmental monitoring is a must have requirement. Using the SWS-TH1you can easily install the sensor where you like with no unsightly wires or access downtime due to installation.

Building Monitoring/HVAC/Energy Usage – As the SWS-TH1 is so easy to install and requires no complex wiring or messy cables, it's perfect to monitor temperature and humidity conditions in an office. The SWS-TH1 can be used to build up a picture of the environmental conditions throughout a building or complex. This can help ensure correct operation of heating or air-conditioning equipment, or that a warehouse is providing the correct storage environment for your stock.

Agriculture, Horticulture, Environmental Studies – Whilst you cannot control the weather, you can keep a check on what it's doing. Using the SWS-TH1 you can monitor green houses and conditions for growing plants or keeping livestock.

Server Room Monitoring – This solution is perfect for monitoring temperature and humidity in server rooms and data centres. The sensor box can be installed anywhere (sensor box is supplied with wall mount kit)