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Sequoia Technology Group Ltd Shortlisted...

Sequoia Technology Group Ltd shortlisted for the UK’s most innovative Mobile company award – The Smart UK Project

‘UK Innovation - The search is on for the UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company. The winner will be crowned at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona during February and March 2011.’ See www.smartukproject.co.uk

Out of more than 75 applicants for this award, all with their respective innovations, Sequoia has been included in the shortlist of 20 companies to be reviewed at the Pre Mobile World Congress media event at BIS HQ on the 23rd Jan.

What is the Sequoia Technology mobile innovation?
Sequoia Technology’s innovation is a GSM gateway design along with a GPRS enabled mini printer to enable detailed and sensitive data, such as individual medical test results to be transmitted to appropriate clinics quickly, completely, with zero loss of data and to any precise location in the world. The innovation incorporates the ability to handshake every printer to server to ensure all data has been passed correctly and completely. The no. of printers that can be handled is infinite ensuring scalability in any application. The innovation also includes the sending database to be able to see the status of all printers, how many messages have been sent and when, how many are pending, which are on-line, how long they have been on line and a geographic map of all printer locations and their instant status. The innovation handles poor power infrastructure well, as happens in remote locations. No data is lost in power out situations.

Where has the innovation been applied?
The Sequoia innovation has been applied very successfully across all maternity clinics (300 plus) in Mozambique, wherever they are in the country, for HIV testing. The vastly speeded up HIV lab test results back to the local clinic has significantly reduced the incidence of HIV pass through from Mother to child. This is by being able to resolve which Mother to be is HIV positive early enough and to be able to treat with AVR as well as being able to test the newborns and have those with HIV treated early. The pre Sequoia innovation lab test routine took up to 6 months to return test results with consequent serious loss of newborn life. Now it is one month or less and <1% of HIV pass through from Mother to child compared with upto 40% of HIV pass through without the Sequoia system.

Kenya and Zimbabwe are trialing the same Sequoia system based on the Mozambique experience. The Sequoia innovation is also being trialed by an African bank to be used in shops to pay for products by directly accessing the person’s bank account and the shop debiting that account and then the printer giving the customer the receipt of confirmation of payment by their bank.

How scalable is the Sequoia innovation?
The Sequoia innovation is truly scalable in size and cuts across all industries. It works with all GSM networks in any country. The no. of printers that can be used with any iteration of our Gateway is infinite – just depending on the server resource applied to the application. In the UK the fast food industry is using the Sequoia innovation where the printer is in the kitchens of fast food outlets and orders are received over the printer from fast food web portals used by the public.