Silicon Image PB1364A

SiI1364A reference board

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Key Features
  • DVI ADD-N card
  • PCI Express interface
  • For Intel 9x5G-based motherboards

Cost-effective solution that brings the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) to any Intel 9x5G-based desktop PC with a PCI Express slot

The 1364ADD2 PCI Express Digital Display card provides a simple add-in solution that connects into the PCI Express slot of any 915G motherboard with full hardware and software compatibility. Equipped with the Silicon Image’s SiI 1364 DVI transmitter chip, the 1364ADD2 card provides PC and motherboard manufacturers a cost-effective, all-digital video interface covering the full range of digital display resolutions from VGA to UXGA.

Functionally, this board is exactly the same as the consumer retail versions of the board. The difference is that full schematics for this implementation are available.


Reference Kit Contents:

  • SiI1364A ADD2-N board


For more extensive documentation such as users guide and Orcad schematics, buy the Starter kit version of this product, the CP1364A.

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