Fiso FOS-N

Fibre optic strain sensor

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Key Features
  • Immune to EMI/RFI/lightning
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Static/dynamic response
  • High sensitivity and resolution: 0.01% full scale
  • Signal transmitted over long distances
  • No interference due to cable bending
  • Absolute measurements in engineering units

For measuring the expansion and contraction of materials

A fibre optic strain sensor used to measure the expansion and contraction of materials due to mechanical stress or thermal effects in nuclear power plants, building monitoring and several other civil engineering applications.

  • Range: Up to +/- 5 000 u?
  • Operating temperature: -40degC to +250degC.


Strain range ±1000 με, ±2500 με, ±5000 με
Resolution¹ 0.01% of full scale
Transverse sensitivity <0.1% of full scale
Connector type ST connector
Operating temperature −40 to 250°C (−40 to 482°F)
Glass tube dimensions ±1000 με: 10 mm ; ±2500 or ±5000 με: 8.5 mm

¹ - Signal conditioner dependent.

² - Adhesive dependent. Installation over 200°C (392°F) susceptible to creeping.