Sequoia RHF Range

Flat Plate Radiant Heat Flux Sensor

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Key Features
  • Radiative Heat Flux
  • Available in all shapes and sizes
  • Temperature Independent
  • Low Cost
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Ordering Options

Part Number Dimensions (mm) Sensor Surface Area (cm²) Sensitivity µV/( W/m² ) Sensitivity mV/( W/cm² )
RHF1010 10x10 1 0.1 1
RHF2525 25x25 6.25 0.625 6.25
RHF5050 50x50 25 2.5 25
RHF100100 100x100 100 10 100

Add Sufix T for integral type T (class 2) thermocouple, e.g. RHF2525T is a 25mmx25mm radiant heat flux sensor with integral thermocouple

Place your order before 2pm to select next day delivery. In a hurry? pre 10:30am delivery also available.


Sequoias RHF family of thin foil flexible radiant flux sensors consist of a thermoelectric panel laminated between flexible heterogeneous plastic layers with shiny reflectors on one or their both external sides.

The radiant flux sensor absorbs or emits radiation in the wavelength range from 2µm to 20µm while delivering an output voltage directly proportional to the radiant flux density (measured in Watts/m2). It's median thermal emissivity can be adjusted on request in the range of 0.3- 0.7. This range of radiant flux sensors have demonstrated significant advantage compared with traditional conventional radiation sensors.


Easy to use: Voltage output can be easily measured and logged with a data logger. Voltage levels are typically small (µV to mV level), so use of a Sequoia amplifier to amplify the signals is recommended when used with a datalogger
Custom sizes and shaped: Standard part numbers cover square plate sensors from 5*5mm to 300mm*300mm. However, it is possible to specify custom sizes and shapes to tailor the sensor to specific applications.
Integral temperature sensor:
An optional integral thermocouple built in the sensing area is available as an order option. This is ideal for heat transfer controllers.
Ultra thin and low response time: the thinner the sensor is, the shorter is the time required to reach its steady state sensor temperature.
Electric resistance: lower than 500Ω.



Accuracy: Thickness of 0.4 mm, guarantees minimal disturbance
Sensing Area: Up to several square feet (precisely shaped and sized on request)
Operating temperature: from -180°C to 130°C. 200°C custom part can be manufactured.
Input range: -500kW/ m2 to +500kW/ m2
Electrical resistance: About 100 ohms for a sensing area of one dm2 (0.1 ft square)
Thermal emissivity : 0.48
Instrumentation: Any voltage measuring instrument having a 0.1 mV range.
Connection: Copper Teflon insulated colour coded wires.
Response time: 0.05 sec

  • RHF Infrared & visible
    RHF Infrared & visible
  • RHF infrared & visible detail
    RHF infrared & visible detail
  • RHF infrared detail
    RHF infrared detail
  • RHF Infrared with cable
    RHF Infrared with cable
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