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Quantum Data TPA-EAC-4R

For Testing HEC and ARC-equipped HDMI 1.4 Sources and Sinks

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Key Features

The TPA-EAC-4R is a new Test Point Adapter (TPA) that lets you test the HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) and (or) the Audio Return Channel (ARC) features of HDMI 1.4 capable source and (or) sink devices.

When used with the 882EA, you can emulate devices that support HEC and ARC functionality. In this case, the 882EA initiates, interacts with, and monitors CEC bus Capability Discovery and Control (CDC) commands and automatically controls the HEC and ARC circuits of the TPA.

Alternatively, you can manually control the TPA-EAC-4R as a standalone device without the 882EA to conduct basic tests of the HEC and ARC circuits in an HDMI 1.4 source and (or) sink device under forced-mode conditions.

Operation is simple. Two dials on the front panel, one for emulating a source to test a sink, and another for emulating a sink to test a source, enable you to set the mode to match your application. The mode settings specify whether the 882EA/TPA-EAC-4R will respond to the device under test through its CEC core or whether the TPA will operate in standalone mode (without the 882EA) without CEC support. For standalone applications, the mode dial settings specify whether you are testing HEC and ARC separately or together and for selecting ARC single mode vs. common mode.

The TPA-EAC-4R adds HEAC capability to one input and one output of the 882 HDMI analyzer simultaneously. The HEAC capability can be put into one of six modes - either manually or automatically (e.g. via CDC/CEC bus control). The enhanced input and output are independent, so input and output can be in different modes at the same time. The six modes are:

  1. 882 controlled mode
  2. HEC + ARC common mode
  3. HEC only
  4. ARC common mode only
  5. ARC single mode
  6. HEAC disabled

ARC: The TPA has coaxial SPDIF input and output connectors which accept and deliver SPDIF digital audio being injected on the HDMI sink and extracted on the HDMI source. ARC audio can be sent in either single or common modes. The recommended configuration uses the 882's SPDIF audio output to provide the audio test signal to the sink adapter, while an audio SPDIF analyzer is attached to the source adapter.

The TPA-EAC-4R is supplied with a power supply but without cables which are offered separately.

TPA-EAC-4R - Key Features and Benefits

  • Test ARC-capable HDTVs. Test ARC-capable HDTVs in common mode or single mode. Breaks S/PDIF out for analysis by 882EA or optional third party instrument. 882EA activates ARC through 882EA CDC commands over the CEC bus. Test ARC-capable AV receivers.
  • Test ARC-capable AV receivers in common mode or single mode. TPA-EAC-4R converts S/PDIF from 882EA into Audio Return Channel content and transmits to AV receivers over HDMI 1.4. 882EA activates audio return channel through ARC control commands over the CEC bus.
  • Test HEC-capable sink devices. TPA-EAC-4R converts Ethernet ping from 882EA or Ethernet stream from optional third party device and transmits HEC over HDMI 1.4. 882EA activates HEC through CDC commands over the CEC bus.
  • Test HEC-capable source devices. TPA-EAC-4R accepts HDMI 1.4 signal with HEC and breaks out Ethernet for connection and testing with third party Ethernet analyzer. 882EA activates HEC through CDC commands over the CEC bus.
  • Conduct basic test without 882EA. Manually control TPA-EAC-4R-as a standalone device to conduct basic tests of the HEC and ARC circuits in an HDMI 1.4 source and (or) sink device under forced-mode conditions.
  • Passively monitor ARC and HEC. Breaks-out the ARC and HEC between source and sink to monitor content.

What's in the box?

  • TPA-EAC-4R
  • 12V, 1.5A power supply (Phihong PSAA18U-120 or similar; 2.1mm inside diameter, 5.5mm outside diameter, centre positive connector)
  • US power cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Certificate of Calibration/Test & conformity

The optional cable kit 78-00057 contains the following cables:

  • BNC-to-RCA adapter
  • 2x HDMI-to-HDMI cable (2 metre)
  • Ethernet crossover cable
  • 1.5-foot HDMI-to-HDMI cable
  • High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet
  • RCA-to-RCA cable

Ordering Information

Description RoHS Compliant? Part Number
TPA-EAC-4R Test Fixture Yes 00-00224
Cable kit for TPA-EAC-4R Yes 78-00057