Opticis M5-2000/2001

Optical DVI Daisy Chain

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For conversion of DVI graphics Cards into two channel optical data.

Many applications, require displaying a graphic source on multi-located long-distance displays. The combination of these two products gives simple and clean solution for such applications; digital signage and multiple information displays.

Optical DVI converter, M5-2000 converts DVI of graphic cards into two channels optical data. Optical DVI repeater, M5-2001 makes such optical data distributed into 2 channels DVI signals for DVI displays and repeats to the next M5-2001. One (1) M5-2000 and multi-located M5-2001 make a daisy- chained display long-distance connection, each of them gives splitting to two (2) DVIs displays.

Between a converter and repeaters, DVI (SXGA, 1280 X 1024) can be extended up to 500 meters, over multi-mode LC duplex fiber.

To set right display quality for connected panels, we could program the EDID to EEPROM on the optical DVI converter, M5-2000, so that the graphic cards read out the right EDID from it, which is so called as a virtual DDC function.

The products have been tested in compliance with the limits for a class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 and 2 of FCC and CE. In addition, all components including 4 cores distributed fiber cables are all verified or certified by UL regulation.

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