Opticis OVD15H

1X5 DVI Distributor (HDCP)

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Offers five(5) DVI displays from one(1) DVI input.The OVD15H takes one DVI source and displays on to 5 DVI Displays. Fully HDCP compliant, OVD15H is used in many industries such exhibitions and large stadiums.

  • Complies with DDWG1.0 and HDCP.
  • Supports DVI-HDCP compliance for all channels.
  • Maintains high resolution video - up to 1080p for HDTV or WUXGA(1,920X1,200) for PC.
  • Certifies FCC and CE for EMI/EMC.
  • Compatible with Opticis DVI/HDMI optical cables, M1-1000 or M1-1P0, at both sides of input and output.
  • Dimension: 435 X 108 X 34 mm, Weight: 1.4Kg.
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    OVD15 back
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    OVD15 Plan
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