Opticis M2-100

Fibre optic USB cable

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Key Features
  • Just like an electrical USB cable, but optical
  • Perfect electrical galvanic isolation
  • Extends USB to up to 40 meters
  • No electromagnetic interference
  • No drivers needing installation
  • No power supply for uplink
  • Power supply for downlnk required (supplied)

These USB models use pure fiber-optic cables and plug an AC/DC power adaptor into the downstream module. M2-10x with A plug to A receptacle is the basic model and is applicable for A plug to B plug with adaptors and also with an integral hub for multiple ports.

Ideal for PC and MAC workstations and widely used in Datacenters, The M2-100 familiy of USB Fibre Optic extenders, not only provide pure digital connection at long distances but provide electrical isolation due to the fibre optic link.

No software is required to use this product - it is an easy to use Plug n Play fibre optic USB extender

Supplied with a 5V, 2.6A UK power supply


Compliant with USB1.1 High Speed (12Mbps) standard