Fiso FOD

Fibre Optic Displacement Sensor

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Key Features
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Immune to EMI/RFI
  • Up to 100°C (212°F)
  • Resolution of up to 0.002 mm
  • 20 mm linear stroke
  • Aluminum or composite material housing

A fibre optic linear position and displacement sensor used tmonitor relative movements of adjacent surfaces across cracks or construction joints in concrete and rock.

Using the Fabry-Perot white light interferometry principle, it is available in either a rugged composite material or aluminum housing designed for harsh environments. Accurate and reliable, it offers high resolution, intrinsic safety and immunity to EMI, RFI, and lightning. It can sustain temperatures up to 170?C.

Suitable for various applications such as monitoring of electrical components, structural monitoring and rock mechanics, our fiber optic linear position and displacement sensors are immune to EMI and RFI, offer built-in safety for hazardous environments and provide high precision and high temperature operating range.



Linear stroke 20 mm (0.8 in)
Resolution¹ 0.002 mm (0.00008 in)
Accuracy² ±0.02 mm (0.0008 in)
Connector type ST connector
Operating temperature Operating temperature −20°C to 100°C (−4°F to 212°F)*

¹ - Signal conditioner dependent

² - Calculated at calibration temperature using a fourth-order polynomial equation

* - Lower of higher temperature available upon request

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