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Fiso FTI-10

Single Channel Signal Conditioner

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Key Features
  • Fibre optic signal conditioner
  • single channel
  • Battery powered
  • 50K point Internal memory buffer
  • analogue output
  • RS232 remote control
  • For Fiso Fabry-Perot optical sensors

The FTI-10 is a single-channel, battery-powered fibre optic signal conditioner especially designed to work with all of FISO’s fibre optic sensors. It is a general-purpose instrument ideally suited to perform single-point measurements in a myriad of industrial and R&D applications.

The FTI-10 conditioner is designed to perform accurate single-channel measurements. Thanks to its unique, patented technology, the FTI-10 conditioner is capable of measuring the absolute cavity length of FISO’s Fabry-Perot fibre optic sensors with astonishing accuracy, providing highly accurate and reliable measurements. The FTI-10 has a 0.01% full-scale resolution and a 0.025% full-scale precision.

The FTI-10 optical input channel is easily accessible through the unit’s front panel. It comes standard with an RS-232 communication port and a ±10 V adjustable analogue output. Moreover, the unit’s internal Flash ROM can be accessed to allow firmware upgrades and updates.

Data is stored in the internal memory buffer for later retrieval or sent directly to any analogue input signal reading device through the ±10 V adjustable analogue output available on the back panel of the FTI-10 unit.

FISO’s fibre optic temperature, pressure, strain, refractive index, and displacement sensors offer complete immunity to RF and microwave radiation with high temperature opera ting capability, intrinsic safety, and non-invasive use. A seven-digit gauge factor assigned to each sensor allows the FTI-10 conditioner to recognize automatically the sensor type and calibration, reducing test setup time.

The FTI-10 conditioner has a non-volatile memory buffer that can store up to 50 000 data points. Data logging sequences, duration, and other acquisition and data-management parameters are easily programmable using the front-panel interface, through RS-232 remote control commands or, even more easily, thanks to its accompanying software, FISO Commander.

The FTI-10 comes in a rugged 1/8 DIN casing designed to withstand heavy use and operation in industrial environments and has up to 8 hours of battery autonomy.


  • Microwave food processing
  • Thermotherapy
  • NMR applications
  • Microwave and RF
  • High temperature pressure measurements
  • Multi-purpose laboratory applications
  • Advanced composite materials
  • Hazardous environments
  • Aerospace applications


Number of Channels 1
Sampling rate 10Hz
Averaging 1 to 500 samples
Precision 0.025% of full scale
Resolution 0.01% of full scale
Dynamic Range 15,000:1
Display 1 line 16 characters liquid crystal display with back light
Data logging 50,000 data points
Analogue output ±10V with screw connectors (4-20mA optional)
Communication RS232
Upgradeability Flash ROM firmware
Lamp life 40,000 hours continuous use (lamp replaceable)
Weight 0.8kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 90 x 165 x 48mm (1/8 DIN)
Autonomy 8 hours with fully charged battery (0.5W power consumption)
Power requirements 12V DC (wallmount power adapter included)
Operating temperature -20°C to 40°C

What's in the box?

  • FTI-10 measurement unit
  • Carrying case
  • RS232 cable
  • Connector terminal block, 6 position 3.81mm
  • Mini foam swab, 2.5mm (pack of 50)
  • "Optic prep" cleaning wipes (8 0ff)
  • Non-woven dry wipes 4"x4" (pack of 100)
  • LDPE bottle with nasal plug 2oz
  • Universal 12V 850mA, 2.1mm power supply with adapters for USA, Europe, UK and Australia
  • FTI-10 Signal conditioner User guide
  • FISO Commander "full version" software on CDROM
  • Fiso - FTI-10
    Fiso - FTI-10
  • Fiso FTI-10 front right
    Fiso FTI-10 front right
  • Fiso FTI-10 front
    Fiso FTI-10 front
  • Fiso FTI-10 front top
    Fiso FTI-10 front top
  • Fiso FTI-10 box open
    Fiso FTI-10 box open
  • Fiso FTI-10 box
    Fiso FTI-10 box
  • Fiso FTI-10 back right
    Fiso FTI-10 back right
  • Fiso Optic Prep
    Fiso Optic Prep
  • Fiso FTI-10 rear
    Fiso FTI-10 rear
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