Fiso BUS

Fibre Optic Sensor Signal Conditioner

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Key Features
  • 1 to 8 simultaneous channels
  • Voltage output
  • RS-232 communication port
  • Up to 1000Hz sampling rate
  • Upgradeable number of channels
  • Compatible with most of FISO's fiber optic sensor

The BUS System is a multi-channel, universal fiber optic signal conditioner especially designed for applications that require simultaneous-reading of a large number of measuring points with fast sampling rates. It is designed to offer the speed and versatility required for the most demanding applications.

The BUS System is a general purpose instrument ideally suited to perform multi-point temperature, pressure, strain, displacement, refractive index, and force and load measurements in a variety of industrial and R&D applications. The BUS System allows simultaneous multi-channel measurements at sampling rates of up to 1000 Hz. This is the ideal ins trument when multi-channel, simultaneous and fast data recording is required.

The BUS conditioner performs accurate multi-channel temperature, pressure, strain, displacement, refractive index, and force and load measurements. Thanks to its unique pa tented technology, the BUS conditioner is capable of measuring the absolute cavity length of FISO’s Fabry-Perot fi ber optic sensors with astonishing accuracy, providing highly accurate and reliable measurements. FISO’s fi ber optic sensors offer complete immunity to RF and microwave radiation with high temperature operating capability, and intrinsic safety. The sensors are also designed to withstand harsh and corrosive environments.

An upgradeable multi-channel simultaneous signal conditioner for Fabry-Perot fiber optic sensors. It is designed to offer speed and versatility by allowing simultaneous absolute measurements at sampling rates of up to 1000 Hz per channel. The BUS system comes in a 19-inch industrial rack chassis to house from 1 to 8 channels. Each channel can be set and operated individually.

The BUS System conditioner has a non-volatile memory buffer that can store up to 4096 data points per channel. Data logging sequences, duration, and other acquisition and data-management parameters are easily programmable using RS-232 remote control commands or, even more easily, thanks to its accompanying software, FISOCommander BUS/VELOCE Edition.



Number of channels 1 to 8
Sampling rate 100Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz
Averaging 1 to 500 samples
Precision¹ 0.05% of full scale
Resolution¹ 0.01% of full scale
Dynamic range 15,000 : 1
Data logging 4096 data points
Analog outputs ±10 V with BNC connector
Communication RS-232
Upgradeability Flash ROM firmware
Lamp life² 3000 hours of continuous use

6.3kg (13.9lb)
1.2kg (2.6lb)
Dimensions 19-inch rackmount
Power requirements

Operating temperature −20 to 40°C (−4 to 104°F)

¹ - Sensor specification not included

² - Lamp is replaceable

  • Bus
  • BUS Face
    BUS Face
  • BUS Right
    BUS Right
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