Opticis DVFX-110-TR

1-Fibre Detachable DVI Extender

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Key Features
  • Supports up to WUXGA (1920x1200) @60Hz
  • Supports Bit Rate up to 1.62Gbps/ch.
  • Provides Self EDID Function
  • Terminated by SC connector
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DVFX-110(4) DVFX-110-TR
250g 1 32774 1+ £524.27 No
5+ £470.03
10+ £446.92
25+ £413.06
Detachable Fibre Otic DVI Module Receiver (1 Fibre)
250g 1 33932 1+ £262.13 No
Detachable Fibre Otic DVI Module Transmitter Only (1 Fibre)
250g 1 33933 1+ £262.13 No

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Capable of driving uncompressed WUXGA (1920x1200) 60Hz DVI signals up to 1000 meters over a single mode (500m over Multimode) fibre, the DVFX-110 is a state of the are detachable DVI Fibre Optic extender, used in digital signage, medical imaging, video wall systems and military applcations.


Patent pending Auto-EDID management allows for the EDID to be read by the DVFX-110 meaning that the Optical Fibre can be connected to the display as plug and play.

One to 16 expansion with passive splitter

A key characteristic of the DVFX-110 is that a single signal from a source (PC, DVD etc.) can be transmitted onto up to 16 sinks (displays) using our OPS family of optical passive splitter (no power required), an important feature for digital signage and video wall applications.

  • Supports up to WUXGA (1920x1200) @60Hz
  • Supports Bit Rate up to 1.62Gbps/ch.
  • Transmits signals up to 1000 m over Single Mode Fibre or 500m over Multimode Fibre
  • Expands One signal to up to 16 times with a passive splitter
  • Provides Self EDID Function
  • Operating Temperature range of 0-50°C
  • Terminated by SC connector
  • Provides Power, LD (Signal Transmission), SD (Signal Detection) and EDID status indicators.
  • Size: 39mm x 14.6mm x 68mm (W x H x D)
  • Certification: IEC60601-1-2, FCC/CE, Class 1 LASER Industry Safety
  • Supports Auto Power Switching Funtion
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