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Quantum Data CEC compliance test

HDMI 1.4 CEC Compliance test hardware

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Key Features

The HDMI 1.4 compliance test hardware consists of 3 adapters together with cabling that allow (in conjunction with a Quantum Data 882EA with the CEC compliance test option) for formal HDMI 1.4 compliance testing of the CEC features of a product.


TPA-CEC-RR is used for testing HDMI CTS 1.4 CECT 7-1 and 7-2. CECT 7-1 is a test to ensure that Device Under Test (DUT) CEC line driver high and low voltage levels meet the test limits of the HDMI CTS specification. CECT 7-2 is a test to ensure the maximum rise time and fall times of the CEC line driver of the DUT meet the limits of the HDMI CTS specification. The test procedure requirement is to test with the CEC line connected to +3.3V via 3Kohm ±5% resistor and then to repeat the test with the CEC line connected to ground via 150K +5%/-0% resistor. The TME software provides step by step instructions to the user explaining how to set up the TPA-CEC-RR to run the 7-1 and 7-2 tests properly.


TPA-CEC-R is used for testing HDMI CTS 1.4 Test ID 7-15 and 8-14. Test ID 7-15 (testing source DUT); and test ID 8-14 (testing sink DUT) to ensure that the DUT does not degrade communication between other CEC devices in the system when power is applied or removed and, if supported, in standby mode (to verify that the CEC line is not pulled down and effectively disabled by the powered off device). The HDMI CTS test procedure explains how to connect the CEC line to the TPA-CEC-R and what the TPA-CEC-R switch positions do.


The TPA-MP-4R is a general purpose adapter that serves as a CEC bridge device when testing sources and sinks. A full explanation of what it can do is given here.

What's included?

  • TPA-CEC-R (part number 00-00192)
  • TPA-MP-4R (part number 00-00211)
  • TPA-CEC-RR_HDMI 1.4 (part number 00-00223)
  • 3 off HDMI-HDMI cables
  • 0.025" square pin to red banana lead (part number 30-00154)
  • 0.025" square pin to black banana lead (part number 30-00155)
  • TPA battery information sheet (part number 68-00205)

Note that this product is supplied as part of the HDMI 1.4 CEC compliance test option for the Quantum Data 882EA HDMI analyzer. In order to use this product you must own an 882EA with the CEC compliance test option enabled. Part number information is included in the packing list so that spares may be ordered if any of the original kit is misplaced or damaged.