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Vatell Water cooling adapter

Designed for HFM series heat flux sensors

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Key Features
  • Water Cooling Adapter
  • Works with all HFM heat flux sensors

This water cooling adapter is designed for use with the HFM-6, HFM-7 and HFM-8 heat flux sensors.

This adapter is threaded ready to mount the HFM heat flux sensor directly into the centre of the boss.


It will allow the HFM heat flux sensor to be used in situations where an un-cooled sensor would otherwise be destroyed.


This water cooling adapter is capable of allowing at least 4 litres/minute of water flow through it to cool the HFM heat flux sensor mounted in it.

It is recommended that each cooling adapter is provided with its own pumped water supply as putting multiple adapters in series will cause pressure drops.

Suitable pumps and tubing may be obtained cheaply from any pet shop selling aquatic equipment.