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Nuvoton ISD9160

Audi Record and Playback with ARM Cortex M0

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Key Features

ISD 9160 is a System on a chip low power Audio record and playback with an embedded ARM Cortex M0 32 bit Microcontroller core.

The ISD9160 embeds a Cortex™-M0 core running up to 50 MHz with 145K-byte of non-volatile flash memory and 12K-byte of embedded SRAM. It also comes equipped with a variety of peripheral devices, such as Timers, Watchdog Timer (WDT), Real-time Clock (RTC), Peripheral Direct Memory Access (PDMA), a variety of serial interfaces (UART, SPI/SSP, I2C, I2S), PWM modulators, GPIO, Analog Comparator, Low Voltage Detector and Brown-out detector.

The ISD9160 comes equipped with a rich set of power saving modes including a Deep Power Down (DPD) mode drawing less than 1µA. A micro-power 10KHz oscillator can periodically wake up the device from deep power down to check for other events. A Standby Power Down (SPD) mode can maintain a real time clock function at less than 10 µA.

For audio functionality the ISD9160 includes a Sigma-Delta ADC with 80dB SNR performance coupled with a Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) capable of a maximum gain of 61dB to enable direct connection of a microphone. Audio output is provided by a Differential Class D amplifier (DPWM) that can deliver 1W1 of power to an 8Ω speaker.

The ISD9160 provides eight analog enabled general purpose IO pins (GPIO). These pins can be configured to connect to an analog comparator, can be configured as analog current sources or can be routed to the SDADC for analog conversion. They can also be used as a relaxation oscillator to perform capacitive touch sensing.


  • Arm Cortex M0 32 bit Core
  • Deep Power Down Mode <1uA
  • Stand By Mode with Limited RAM retention and RTC operation <10uA
  • 145K bytes of Flash for program code and data storage
  • 12K bytes embedded SRAM
  • Sigma Delta ADC with configurable decimation filter and 16 bit output
  • Differential Audio PWM Output
  • Watchdog timer
  • UART, SPI, I2C, I2S
  • Brown-out Detector
  • Built in LDO
  • LQFP 48 Pin

ARM® Cortex™-M0 core runs up to 50MHz

Power Management Unit (PMU) providing four levels of power control

  • Standby mode with limited RAM retention and RTC operation (<6µA)
  • Deep Power Down (<1µA)

Wide operating voltage from 2.5V to 5.5V

SRAM: 12k bytes embedded SRAM

APROM (Application Program Memory): 145k bytes embedded Flash memory for user code and audio data, provides 60 seconds duration based on 16kbps compression

ISP (In-System-Programming): Configurable 4k bytes boot memory (shared with APROM) to update on chip Flash memory

3V LDO for external flash memory

Compression algorithms

  • High compression from 4kbps to 32kbps
  • ADPCM: 2 to 5-bit per sample, up to 32kHz
  • PCM: 8 to 16-bit per sample


  • Interface with external audio CODEC
  • Capable of handling 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit word sizes


  • Sigma-Delta ADC with PGA and gain boost stage for microphone interface.
  • 80dB Signal-to-Noise (SNR) performance
  • Digital Microphone interface

Audio PWM speaker driver, 1W at 5.5V

Multiple low power sleep and power-down modes. Wake-up pin from ultra-deep power down <1uA (typical) leakage


  • Internal oscillator with internal reference with ±1% derivation (typical) at room temperature
  • External 32KHz crystal input for RTC and system clock

Timers: 2 sets of the timer with 8-bit pre-scaler and 16-bit timer.

Watchdog Timer: Multiple clock sources, 8 selectable time out periods from 6ms to 3 seconds.

GPIO: 24 bi-directional multi-function general purpose I/O ports.

  • Analog enabled GPIO (Port B) allow connection of programmable current source for sensor interface and capacitor sensing.

One UART with 16-byte FIFO.


  • 2 channels with time-sharing.
  • Master mode up to 24MHz
  • Support MICROWIRE/SPI master mode (SSP).
  • Two 32-bit buffers.

I2C: Master/slave up to 1Mbits.

Brown out detector.

Low voltage reset.

Operating temperature: -40 ° C to 85 ° C

Package: 48L-LQFP

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