Sequoia WCHS Range

Water cooled heat sinks

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Key Features
  • Copper heatsink
  • Water cooled
  • Customisable size and shape
  • For SHF and RHF heat flux sensors
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The WCHS range of water cooled heat sinks are designed to provide cooling for the SHF and RHF range of heat flux sensors, allowing them to be used in high temperature applications.

The WCHS range of heat sinks are manufactured from copper to give good heat transfer characteristics.

Available in a range of sizes from 30mm x 30mm up to 200mm x 200mm. Standard sizes are square matching the sizes of the heat flux sensors that are used with these parts. Standard pipe length is 50mm.

Heat sink size and pipe length are customisable. Please contact Sequoia to discuss specific requirements.


The WCHS range of water cooling adapters body and connecting pipes are manufactured from copper, with a brass braze where the pipe work is attached to the heat sink body.

Typically tap water is used as a coolant, but other fluids that are compatible with the copper and brass construction of the heat sink are acceptable. Coolant flow rate and injection temperature are dependant of the amount of cooling required for the application. The maximum pressure allowed to be developed by forcing coolant through the heat sink is 5 Bar.

The copper pipes through which the coolant is injected into the heat sink have an outside diameter of 6.0mm and an inside bore diameter of 4.0mm

  • WCHS050050-1 front right
    WCHS050050-1 front right
  • WCHS050050-1 showing cable outlet
    WCHS050050-1 showing cable outlet
  • WCHS050050-1 front left
    WCHS050050-1 front left
  • WCHS030030 with RHF2020 fitted
    WCHS030030 with RHF2020 fitted