Fiso TMI

Temperature Signal Conditioner

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Key Features
  • 4 or 8 channels
  • ±5 V analog outputs
  • RS-232 and USB communication ports
  • High resolution
  • 20Hz sampling rate
  • Large VFD display
  • Upgradeable to multiparameter UMI

The TMI is a fiber optic signal conditioner especially designed to work with FISO’s temperature sensors. It is a general-purpose instrument ideally suited to perform multi-point temperature measurements in a myriad of industrial and R&D applications.

The TMI conditioner is designed to perform accurate multi-channel temperature measurements and is compatible with FOT-L/H and FOT-M temperature sensors. Thanks to its unique, patented technology, the TMI conditioner is capable of measuring the absolute cavity length of FISO’s Fabry-Perot fiber optic sensors with astonishing accuracy, providing highly accurate and reliable measure ments. The TMI has a 0.01% full-scale resolution and a 0.025% full-scale precision.

FISO’s fiber optic sensors offer complete immunity to RF and microwave radiation with high temperature operating capability, intrinsic safety, and non-invasive use.

The TMI comes in a 4-channel or in an 8-channel version. All optical input channels are easily accessible through the unit’s front panel. The system scans all the channels in use sequentially with a switching time of 0.15 seconds. It can also read on a discrete channel at a 20 Hz sampling rate. Data is stored in the internal memory buffer for later retrieval or sent directly to any analog input signal reading device through the ±5 V adjustable analog output available for each channel on the back panel of the TMI unit.

The TMI conditioner has a non-volatile memory buffer that can store up to 50,000 data points. Data logging sequences, duration, and other acquisition and datamanagement parameters are easily programmable using the front-panel interface, through remote control commands or, even more easily, thanks to its accompanying software, FISOCommander. Moreover, a Flash ROM allows firmware upgrades.

The TMI is the only test unit that can be upgraded to a multi-parameter conditioner to measure temperature, pressure, strain, refractive index, and displacement.



Number of channels 4 or 8
Sampling rate 20Hz
Switching time 150ms
Averaging 1 to 500 samples
Precision 0.025% of full scale
Resolution 0.01% of full scale
Dynamic range 15,000 : 1
Display 4 lines by 20 characters Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Data logging 50,000 data points
Analog outputs ±5 V software adjustable in scale and offse
Communication RS-232; USB
Upgradeability¹ Flash ROM firmware
Lamp life² 40,000 hours of continuous use
Weight 2.2kg (4.9lb)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 191 x 271 x 99mm (7.2 x 8.5 x 3.9in)
Power requirements 1- to 20 Volts (5 Watts)
Operating temperature −20 to 40°C (−40 to 104°F)

¹ - Through an upgrade, can be converted into a UMI singal conditioner.

² - Lamp is replaceable.

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