Opticis OMM-1000

16 x 16 Electrical/Optical Router

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Key Features
  • Up to 16x16 electrical and optical input/output
  • Supports up to WUXGA (1920x1200), 60Hz
  • Supports DDC/HDCP (Electrical input/output only)
  • Controls: RS-232, TCP/IP, WEB, Key input
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The OMM-1000 enables to switch up to 16 DVI /HDMI / SDIsources to 16 different digital displays by using general PC software like Hyperlink terminal, telnet or web browser.It can be configured using 4 input and output cards and each card has 4 ports of input and output.

Easy programming feature is accomplished in various manners such as manual input of front key or command line (ASCII or Binary code) input with various interfaces of RS-232, and TCP/IP and it offers you flexible installation with other video controllers or control software.

The input and output cards are composed of 4 ports DVI /HDMI /SDI, therefore user can configures any input and output channels from 4X4 to 16X16 by plugging the cards into OMM1000 mainframe. Optical DVI input and output cards works perfectly with OPTICIS 1 fiber DVI extension module, DVFX-100 and maximum 1Km DVI signal extension can be managed with this combination.

It also supports wide-range compatibility with respect to systems, consisting of various DVI sources and various digital monitors. It has been designed not only to fully execute the DDC /HDCP (Electrical DVI, HDMIcards only) function between any inputs and outputs, but also to have users designate EDID to inputs for wide compatibility.

Embedded video signal generator and diagnostic function help the user solve the installation problem with easy and optional quad multi-viewer card saves the installation cost.

  • Up to 16 DVI inputs and outputs can be configured.
  • Up to 16 DVI / HDMI / SDIinputs and outputs can be configured.
  • Each card has 4 input or 4 output ports and 4 cards can be fitted into input and output bays.
  • Has Electrical DVI / HDMI / SDIand Optical DVI input and output cards.
  • Complies with DDC/HDCP (Electrical DVI, HDMI cards only).
  • Supports 3 types of EDID management:
    • Default Mode / Auto Mix Mode / Output Copy Mode.
      • Supports various control methods:
        • Key buttons operation
        • Command input (Such as Hyper terminal by RS-232 and Telnet by TCP/IP)
        • Web panel control (TCP/IP)
        • PC program by RS-232 and UDP
          • Works with OPTICIS DVIoptical extender for long signal extension.
          • Has dual-power supplier for hot-swappable and load-sharing.
          • Equips multi-viewer card to be used in various monitoring systems.
          • Provides diagnostic function for quick trouble shooting.
          • Has video generator output and monitoring output for easy installation.
          • Dimension(WDH): 440 x 380x 178mm
          • Weight: <11Kg (net weight for single power)
  • OMM-1000
  • OMM-1000 Rear
    OMM-1000 Rear
  • OMM-1000 Diagram
    OMM-1000 Diagram
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