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QTI QTHT-1 / 2

Please see QTG series.

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Key Features

High Temperature

High Temperature NTC Thermistors are ideal where measurements must be made at elevated temperatures. Constructed with materials designed for high temperature operation, they have exceptional time response and durability at elevated temperatures. The QTHT series is competitively priced to glass bead thermistors. With more rugged construction than glass beads. QTHT-1 leads can be soldered or welded. Use up to 200�C continuous, and intermittent use to 250�C is specified.

  • Thermal Time Constant: 8 seconds max in still air
  • Dissipation Constant: 2 mW/�C min in still air
  • Power Rating: .25 W at 25�C, derate to 0 W at 125�C
  • Resistance @150�C: 10K ohm for QTHT1 and 30K ohm for QTHT2
  • Operating temperature range: -55�C to 250�C intermittent
  • Storage temperature range: -65�C to 250�C