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Sequoia Pt1000TGL40

Low cost Pt1000 temperature probe with sensor encased in stainless steel

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Key Features
  • Watertight, IP67 rated
  • Suitable for measuring temperature in liquids
  • Stainless Steel enclosure
  • PVC cable Length:1m, 2m, 5m, 10m
  • Temperature measuring range of -30 to +80°C

A family of low cost cabled Pt1000 temperature sensors with IP67 rating

The Pt1000TGl40 family of Pt1000 sensors are designed for use in all industrial situations where quality of sensing product is a must.

They can be easily and directly connected to any measuring instrument that can accept Pt1000 sensors.

Available in PVC cable of 1m, 2m 5m and 10m lengths as standard, the senor tip is enclosed in stainless steel and the temperature measuring range is -30 to +80°C with a fast response time.

Watertight, these sensors are suitable for measuring temperature in liquids.

These parts are also available with Elka300BV connector for increased ease of use


Pt1000 sensor specifications:

  • Temperature measuring range: -30 to +80°C
  • Sensor response time:
    • Time response t63<10s, t95<30s, measured in fluid
    • Time response t63<60s, t95<150s, measured in airflow 1m
  • Cable type: PVC
  • Sensor dimensions: Diameter 5.7mm, length 40mm

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