Comet Pt1000TG8

Wide temperature range IP67 temperature sensor probe

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Key Features
  • IP67 rated sensor head. Watertight
  • Wide temperature range
  • Fast response time
  • Designed for industrial applications
  • Used in harsh conditions
  • Cable lengths of 1m, 5m and 10m as standard
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Part Number Weight Pack Qty Code Price (Ex VAT) Stock
PT1000TG8/0 10m
PT1000 Temp. sensor watertight IP67 probe -80 to +200°C 10m
25g 1 33687 1+ £52.82 Yes (2)
Pt1000TG8/0 1m
25g 1 31351 1+ £28.24 No
PT1000TG8/0 5m
PT1000 Temperature sensor watertight IP67 probe -80 to +200°C 5m
25g 1 33686 1+ £36.42 Yes (1)

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Pt1000TG8 is a Multi-purpose watertight IP67 temperature probe with a wide temperature range of -80 to +200°C and a fast response time.

Used for all manner of industrial applications and easily connected to any monitoring system that can accept and read Pt1000 temperature sensors, the Pt1000TG8 sensor is encased in stainless steel 17241 and the cable is made from silicone with lengths of 1m, 5m and 10m as standard.

The casing has a diameter of 5.7mm and is 40mm long. Time response for this sensor is t63<10s, t95<30s, measured in fluid. Time response measured in airflow of 1m/s is t63<60s, t95<150s.


Specifications of Pt1000TG8

  • Temperature range: -80 to +200°C
  • Sensor case: Stainless Steel 17241
  • Casing dimensions: 5.7mm diameter, 40mm long
  • Cable material: Silicone
  • Standard cable lengths: 1m, 5m 10m. Other lengths are available on request
  • Response time: t63<10s, t95<30s
  • in fluids
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