Sensormetrix Carbon GSM-T

Remote data logging of temperature over GSM network

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Key Features
  • -40˚C to +85˚C temp range
  • 3 metre sensor cable
  • 65000 data record capacity
  • Audible out-of-parameter alarm
  • Downloadable data log file
  • Delay logging time
  • 3 separate mobile phone numbers for alarm SMS
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Carbon-GSM-T data logger and temperature sensor CARBON-GSM-T
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The Carbon GSM-T is a high resolution temperature data logger that communicates over the GSM network. Users can dial the data logger at any time using any mobile phone to interrogate the temperature values within the data logger.

The Carbon GSM data logger will send an alarm message to user defined mobile phone numbers automatically once the user defined temperature limits have been exceeded. Up to 3 mobile phone numbers can be programmed into Carbon GSM for alarm messages. The Carbon-GSM-T can log up to 65000 records at user defined intervals and where the data can be downloaded to a pc via a USB cable. The Carbon-GSM-T comes with graphing software where the downloaded data is represented as a graph of temperature over the user set data logging time.

The carbon-GSM-T also gives a strong audible alarm warning of set temp exceeded or under a lower limit. The Carbon-GSM-T also sends an SMS alarm on power up thereby warning of a power failure.

The Carbon-GSM-T is powered by a PP3 battery and can be run with this only if the GSM alarm is not required. If it is required than the supplied mains power supply must be connected and working for that GSM alarm feature to work. The unit can be mounted flat to a wall by hooking on two screws screwed into the wall or it can be proper on a flat surface by extending its easel type leg. The display is large and clear and has a push button backlight as necessary. The keyboard can be locked easily to avoid accidental starting and stopping of data logging etc.

Please use a GSM/2G, data enabled SIM card. Please note that Network 3, normally only provide 3G SIM cards and should therefore be avoided.



Measuring range: -40˚C to +85˚C

Accuracy: +/- 0.5˚C

Datalogging capacity: 65,000 records

Dimensions: 135mm wide x 125mm high x 33mm thick

display size: 88mm x 55mm

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