Siretta Carbon 21

USB Temperature data logger

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Key Features
  • Lowest cost reliable USB temp logger
  • Temperature measurement and data logging with USB
  • Celcius and Fahrenheit
  • Up to 32000 measurements
  • Easy download to a PC using USB port
  • Long battery life - 1/2AA 3.6V Lithium - Included
  • Measures temperature at user defined intervals
  • Software included
  • Size: 123mm x 37mm x 23mm

The Carbon-21 low cost USB temperature logger is the great value version of the Carbon series temperature loggers

The Carbon series is a highly reliable USB interfaced temperature data logger series measuring and recording temperature / humidity values at user set intervals and storing them.

The Carbon series is popularly used for many things - typically: warehouses, galleries, greenhouses, cold rooms and specially useful in recording of temperature and humidity during transportation. The Carbon-21 is low cost as it does not have an LCD and does not record humidity. (check out the Carbon-21 LCD for the same logger but with LCD) In all other respects is as reliable and competent performer as the top end Carbon temp loggers.

Supplied with a long-life replaceable lithium battery, this unit records data continually for at 6 months + (depending on logging rate and temperature). Recorded data can be downloaded in the form of spread-sheet by connecting the Carbon-21 to a PC using the USB socket and using the supplied software.

The user can easily set up the logging rate and start time by connecting the Carbon-21 to a PC. The Carbon-21 is then disconnected from the PC and placed in the area where temperature measurement is required. To download the recorded temperatures, the user connects the Carbon-21 to their PC.

This is all done using the supplied software that runs under all Windows environments. Temperature data can then be graphically presented, printed and exported to other applications.

Status indication is via flashing red and green LEDs. The logger is protected against ingress from water and dust to IP66 standard.

Additionally the Carbon-21 can log and store an incredible 32000 logs, more than 2 times the most well known USB data-loggers.

The Sensormetrix Carbon-21 is a good value, high accuracy USB data-logger and is very easy to use.

The user can set maximum and minimum values, outside of which the LED light will issue a warning. The data logger is protected against moisture to IP66 standard.

Selectable parameters include logging rate, measurement units, high & low alarms and start-time.



  • Temperature range: -30 to +80°C
  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.3°C (±0.9°F)
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
  • Logging rate: 10s to 12h
  • Number of logs: 32,000
  • Unit dimensions: 123mm x 37mm x 23mm
  • Unit weight: 90g
  • Power: 1/2AA, 3.6V Lithium battery
  • Battery life: up to 6 months + with 10 minute sample rate
  • IP rating: IP66
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