EM01b remote temp, humidity, light bundled with ES01 LCD display

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Key Features
  • Low Cost
  • Works out of the box
  • LCD Display included
  • Embedded web server - no proprietary software
  • Sensors for temperature, RH and illumination
  • Optional ESBus for external sensors
  • Programmable email/text alerts - 24/7 monitoring
  • Used with Nagios, Whats up gold etc.

The EM01b-LCD is a bundled solution great for remotely monitoring temperature, humidity, light and displaying all the enviromental information on a local LCD display. Perfect in any building with a local area network connection (CAT5/6). The EM01b-LCD is a sensible solution for any server or comms room, especially if using NAGIOSĀ®. You can also add up to 5 extra ES11 flood sensors or additional ES01 LCDs to this solution via the EM01b hub.

Save £33.68 when purchasing this bundle version which includes the ES01 LCD display so you can see the environmental information without PC.

When purchasing this bundled version which includes the ES01 LCD display so you can see the environmental information without a PC. The ES01 shows the same information that is sent over the internet. The display has a backlight that lights for about 10 seconds on pressing the front mounted backlight button. The EM01b still operates normally to a PC or over the internet with the ES01 connected.

The ES01 comes with a 3m cable to connect to the EM01b. It also comes with a substantial self adhesive velcro pad to emnable the ES01 to be mounted on any flat surface. The 3m cable can be extended using a standard RJ45 patch cable and in line adaptor. There is no particular limit on the overall length of the cable between the ES01 and the EM01b.

If you have any questions please call 01189 769000.

Perfect solution for server rooms as it's straight forward to use, all you need to do is connect power and connection to your network. Once that's done you're able to access the box and view temperature, humidity and light information. For the more advanced administrators the EM01b can be easily intergrated with NAGIOS: which is a popular open source computer system and network monitoring software application. It watches, hosts and services the connected monitors, alerting users when things go wrong and again when they get better Click here for an overview of Nagios..

The EM01b is a powerful websensor for Server Rooms, Warehouses and is being used extensively in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) Industry.


  • Detects contact closure (used to detect door opening) (Standard
  • External voltage measuring (0 to 18 VDC) see EM01bVM
  • External thermistor interface and additional temperature sensing see EM01bTherm.


  • Temperature range: -40 deg C to +60 deg C +/- 0.2 degC
  • Illumination range: 0 to 1000 LUX
  • Relative humidity range: 5 to 95% +/-3%

HVAC Monitor, remote temperature and data logging with the Websensor system using a built in IP address.

The Websensor is an environmental monitoring device designed for remotely monitoring of temperature, light and humidity in datacentres, server rooms - or any space that relies upon a steady and predictable environment and has access to the internet. The Websensor series are sensors with built-in signal conditioning and a web address. Users are able to access the sensor directly via PC and remotely monitor the data which can be viewed at any time through a web-browser and receive alarms via text or email.

The Websensor EM01B connects directly to your Ethernet network via a 10/100 Mbps switch or hub port. It provides monitoring for temperature, illumination (light level) and relative humidity and is ideal for monitoring environmental conditions in server rooms and wiring closets. It is capable of measuring DC voltages, which allows you to check battery supply voltages of UPS units or renewable energy sources. The new thermistor interface allows you to interface external special use sensors, such as liquid temperature measurement and the new contact closure detection allows you to detect door open conditions (for security purposes) or configure equipment start-up and shut-down conditions.

The EM01B has an ESbus enabling other external sensors to connect to the web for remote monitoring. Each EM01B with its ESbus is capable of handling up to six additional ESbus enabled sensors. The EM01B is supplied complete with manuals, software for set up and cables. At time of ordering the customer must specify what additional function is required of those available: i.e. door contact, DC voltage, thermistor interface.


All alerts are operated by Nagios. The plugins are available within the downloads section of this page.

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