Siretta Low loss SMA (M) to TNC(M)

Low loss RF cable assemblies with SMA to TNC Connectors

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Key Features
  • Loss: 0.52 dB/M @ 1.8GHz
  • Loss: 0.64 dB/M @ 2.1GHz
  • Range of cable lengths from 3M to 20M
  • Increase your received signal strength
  • SMA Male to TNC Male

Whilst standard RG58 may be acceptable for some applications, Low loss equivalents make the difference between a system working poorly (or not at all) and working well. We have what we consider to be the widest range of low loss RF cable assemblies available, most of which can be bought online as we keep stock.

The attenuation is approximately 0.5dB /metre at 1800MHz - one of the more popular GSM frequencies and rising to only 0.64dB / metre at 3GHz. In comparison the standard RG58 cable has 0.7dB attenuation at 1800MHz and rising sharply at 3G, Wifi and 4G (2.6GHz) frequencies. Typically 1.2dB / metre at 3GHz. In practice this means that at 3G frequencies (2.1GHz) a 10 metre standard RG58 cable will only deliver less than 10% of the signal from one end to the other, whereas our Low loss cable will deliver more than 25% of the signal.

This product page contains SMA male to TNC male RF extension cable assemblies using LLC200A coax cables. The SMA is one of the most commonly used connector types for wireless systems and is for many the standard RF connector. The SMA male to TNC male low loss cable assembly is offered in both 3M, 5M, 10M, 15M and 20 metre cable lengths.


Cable Specifications:
Impedance: 50 ohm
Loss dB/M @ 1.8GHz: 0.52, @ 2.1GHz: 0.64
Core: 0.94mm copper wire
Insulator: 2.79mm GAS-FPE
Shield: tinned copper braid
Jacket: 4.95mm PVC

Operating Frequencies:
Up to 6GHz

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