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Vatell TG2000

Conduction Cooled Heat Flux Sensor

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Key Features

Conduction Cooled

Operating Principles:

The TG2000 transducer is a differential thermocouple measuring the temperature difference between the centre and the circumference of a thin circular foil disk. The disk is bonded to a circular opening in a cylindrical heat sink. The standard foil is made of Constantan and the heat sink is copper. These materials produce an output which is directly proportional to the absorbed heat flux. These transducers are generically called Gardon gages or circular foil gages. In its basic form, the Thermogage will measure both radiation and convection. To screen out convection, we also offer a radiometer configuration, our TG9000 series of Thermogages, in which a window of IR transparent material is placed in front of the foil. (see TG9000)

Conduction cooled circular foil heat flux gages are designed for applications with short measurement times in which the total amount of heat absorbed by the gage will not raise its temperature beyond 200°C. The Thermogage sensor is designed to provide an approx output signal of 10 mV when exposed to the specified heat flux range. The sensor can be exposed to approx 50% higher heat flux and still provide a good output signal. The gage loses the linear output when exposed to heat flux levels above 50% stated heat flux range. Damage to the sensor occurs when the sensor is exposed to heat flux levels above 100% of specified heat flux range.


Housing Diameters

  • minimum of 0.125 inches
  • unlimited maximum

Housing Lengths

  • minimum of 0.25 inches
  • unlimited maximum

Ranges for Full Scale Output (10mV)

  • Low end: 0 to 5 Watts/cm²
  • High end: 0 to 5000 Watts/cm²

The TG2000 is built to order and therefore the heat range for max output (10mV) is specified by the customer

Response Time (95% of a step function): Varies with heat flux range.


  • 0 to 5000 Watts/cm² => 20 milliseconds
  • 0 to 1000 Watts/cm² => 100 milliseconds
  • 0 to 30 Watts/cm² => 400 milliseconds
  • 0 to 5 Watts/cm² => 1 sec

Using an amplifier with the Thermogage product allows for fast time response in lower ranges. See amplifier range for information.

Transducer Calibration Accuracy: +/-3% of full scale

Repeatability: 1%

Sensitivity: Up to 2 mV/(W/cm²)

Transducer Coating

The factory applied base coat is high temperature black paint. It is selected for temperature stability and flat spectral absorbency. It has an emissivity of 0.94. Other coating options include colloidal graphite, black velvet, and soot.


All transducers are designed for 10mV maximum output. Units may be overdriven to 15mV without damage or loss of calibration. Overdriving beyond 20mV will, however, damage the gage.


A continuous x-y calibration curve graph and NIST traceable calibration certificate are furnished with each transducer.

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