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Vatell TG9000

Radiative Water Cooled Radiometer

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Key Features
  • Measures radiative heat flux
  • Window blocks convective heat flux
  • Custom bodies and windows available

Radiative Watercooled Heat Flux Sensor

Pictured is a water cooled gas purged radiometer

When constructed as a radiometer, convective heat flux is blocked from reaching the sensor by a window. This allows only radiation to be measured.

Customers commonly use a TG1000 series to measure the total heat flux and then use a TG9000 series to measure the radiative component. This allows for an understanding of the convective and radiative components that make up the total heat transfer.

The type of lens used in the window will determine the radiation bandwidth that reaches the sensor. The window is placed directly on the water-cooled copper surface to minimize its heating.

All Thermogage heat flux sensors have a maximum operating temperature of 200°C regardless of heat flux applied. The Thermogage sensor is designed to provide an approx output signal of 10 mV when exposed to the specified heat flux range. The sensor can be exposed to approx 50% higher heat flux and still provide a good output signal. The gage looses the linear output when exposed to heat flux levels above 50% stated heat flux range. Damage to the sensor occurs when the sensor is exposed to heat flux levels above 100% of specified heat flux range.

Lens Material (9000 series only):

Lens Material % Transmission Spectral Limit (microns)
Quartz 90 0.3 - 3
Salt 90 0.3 - 12
Sapphire 85 0.3 - 5
Calcium Fluoride 92 0.2 - 8
Zinc Selenide 70 0.6 - 17


Housing Diameters

  • minimum of 0.475 inches
  • unlimited maximum

Housing Lengths

  • minimum of 0.75 inches
  • unlimited maximum

Ranges for Full Scale Output (10mV)

  • Low end: 0 to 10 Watts/cm²
  • High end: 0 to 1000 Watts/cm²

Using an amplifier with the Thermogage product allows for fast time response in lower ranges. See amplifier information.

Transducer Calibration Accuracy: +/-3% of full scale

Repeatability: 1%

Sensitivity: Up to 1 mV/(W/cm²)


All transducers are designed for 10mV maximum output. Units may be overdriven to 15mV without damage or loss of calibration. Overdriving beyond 20mV will, however, damage the gage.


A continuous x-y calibration curve graph and NIST traceable calibration certificate are furnished with each transducer.

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