Siretta DELTA10A 2.4GHz Stub antenna

2.4GHz rubber direct connect antenna with sealing skirt and SMA connector

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Key Features
  • Overmoulded flexible whip
  • sealing skirt
  • SMA male and RP connectors
  • 2.4GHz tuned frequency

The Delta10A replaces the Delta10 The Siretta Delta 10A series is a dedicated family of 1/4 wave, omni-directional stub antennas tuned to a centre frequency of 2.4GHz and with a gain of 3dBi. Fine tuning to the 2.4GHz frequency band allows for use with demanding WiFi / WLAN applications as opposed to wide frequency band antennas that generally have lesser performance on the focus frequency. Measuring just 38mm high, this WiFi antenna will sit unobtrusively on top of your WiFi / WLAN equipment. it is therefore commonly used with covert applications or those that simply want to minimise the space their equipment utilises. The Delta 10 is commonly used with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee based applications to help improve the signal strength and better the performance of your short-range modem.

The Delta 10A is moulded in a very pliable rubber plastic and has a skirt allowing a good deal of sealing between antenna and equipment that it is mounted on. This antenna is ideal for out door applications where a disconnectable but water sealing antenna is required. Its small size makes it suitable for many applications.

There is no difference in the Delta 10 and 10A in performance. The overmoulding has been adjusted to achieve a lower price for our customers without compromising the overall performance.

The Delta 10A is supplied as normal with an SMA male connector but is also available with an SMA male RP connector for standard Wifi applications


Key Specifications - Electrical

Temperature range: -40 to 85°C
Impedance: 50 ohm
Gain: 3dBi
VSWR: <1.5:1
Centre frequency: 2.4GHz
Radiating element: ¼ wave dipole
Polarization: Vertical

Key Specifications - Mechanical

Dimensions: 38mm x 14mm
Connector: SMA male or male RP
Mounting method: Direct connect
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  • Delta10A