HW group Poseidon 2 3268

Websensor temperature / humidity monitoring with 2 relay outputs

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Key Features
  • Powerful Web based monitor with email (and SMS)
  • Can monitor Temperature, Humidity, flood, smoke...
  • Up to 8 temperature and/or humidity sensors
  • 2 output relays allows control of other equipment
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4-20mA and 0-15V and 0-60V sensors available
  • Internal memory wth 250,000 records
  • SNMP, SNMP Trap, HTML, XML, Modbus TCP

The Poseidon 2 3268 is a unique IP device featuring 2 relay outputs (NO/NC). The Poseidon 3268 measures temperature and humidity, and monitors four dry contact inputs. Digital inputs (for dry contacts) can be used for connecting door contacts, smoke detectors, water flood detectors, 110/230V AC power supply failure detectors.

Relay outputs can control cabinet heating / cooling using a local probe (“thermostat” / “hygrostat” function). The outputs can be controlled remotely over IP (server restart with a PowerEgg unit, or opening the cabinet door remotely).

When a dry input contact is closed, Poseidon sends an e-mail or a SNMP trap. The alert can be postponed by a defined time (an e-mail is sent if a cabinet door has been open for more than 5 minutes).

In a typical application, Poseidon 3268 controls the environment in a cabinet that is equipped with a fan. Critical temperature or door being opened alerts are sent to a central system. The Poseidon 3268 is also frequently used to restart a server or A/C unit remotely.

You will need at least one sensor (up to 4 with a Hub-5way) from the accessory list shown. The power adaptor, user manual and CD are already included with the 3268.

The Poseidon 2 3268 is a more powerful version of the Poseidon 2 3266. As well as having 4 dry contact inputs and up to 8 temp / humidity sensors, the Poseidon 3268 has 2 relay outputs, allowing control of external units if certain predetermined conditions have been met.

With the PD Trigger software, alerts can be redirected to SMS or processed according to the PD Trigger rules (set/clear a remote relay over IP, show a pop-up message in Windows).

  • Poseidon2 3268 monitors the status of the connected fire alarm system. Alarms from individual zones are connected as dry contacts to Poseidon digital inputs.
  • More DI can be added to the standard 4 DI using the “Expander 4xDI 1W-UNI” unit, for a total of 8 or 12 dry contact digital inputs.
  • At the same time, Poseidon2 3268 measures temperature, humidity, and/or other quantities (light intensity, cabinet door contacts, voltage, etc.).
  • Poseidon2 3268 relay outputs can be connected to a security system or smart home control.
  • DI and sensor states can be easily connected to a SCADA system, a BMS (Building Management System), etc.
  • One Poseidon2 unit can be connected to multiple systems at once.
  • Ethernet: RJ45 (10BASE-T)
  • Web: Built-in web server
  • Sensors: 1xRJ11 1-Wire (max. 8 temperature / humidity probes)
  • Inputs: 4 digital inputs (dry contact)
    (door contact, smoke detector, 11/230VAC supply detector, water leak detector, cooling fan failure detector)
  • Outputs: 2 digital relay outputs (24VDC)
    (air conditioning, server power, warning horn / light tower
  • Local built-in functions: Control of output using an digital input value or a sensor value
    (“thermostat” / “hygrostat” mode)
  • Alerts (value out of defined safe range): SNMP trap, E-mail
  • M2M communication protocols: SNMP, XML
  • Support for programmers: HWg SDK

Supported software:-

  • HWg-PD Trigger: Alert redirection to SMS, Pop-Up, shutdown PC, ..
  • HWg-PDMS: Logging of values, graphs, export to MS Excel
  • CapTemp: Visualization on a map, control of outputs, alarm redirection to SMS
  • Third-party SNMP software
  • Poseidon 2 3268
    Poseidon 2 3268
  • Poseidon 2 3268 din rail kit
    Poseidon 2 3268 din rail kit
  • Poseidon 2 3268 psu
    Poseidon 2 3268 psu
  • Poseidon 2 3268 rack mount kit
    Poseidon 2 3268 rack mount kit
  • Poseidon 2 3268 side view
    Poseidon 2 3268 side view
  • Poseidon 2 32688 rack kit 2
    Poseidon 2 32688 rack kit 2
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