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QTI QT0603

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Key Features

Surface Mount NTC Thermistor, EIA 0603 package

The 0603 NTC Surface Mount Thermistors are the ideal solution where temperature sensing within a constrained area is needed. The miniature SMD 0603 footprint allows for placement in restrictive areas such as underneath crystal components in oscillator circuits. Manufactured with our patented Leach Guard? termination process, they are designed to withstand most of today?s automated soldering processes. Standard 0603 packaging allows for tape and reel packaging.

  • Thermal Time Constant: 5 seconds max in still air
  • *Dissipation Constant: 2 mW/?C min in still air
  • *Power Rating: .0625 W at 25?C, derate to 0 W at 125?C
  • Resistance @25?C: 20K ohm and 100K ohm
  • Operating temperature range: -55?C to 125?C
  • Storage temperature range: -65?C to 150?C
  • *Thermal Time Constant and Dissipation Constant may vary depending on mounting
  • RoHS Compliant Version Available