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QTI QTC11 ntc

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Key Features

NTC Hybrid Microelectronics Chip Thermistors

The QTC11 NTC chip thermistors are designed for die attach and wire-bonding requirements found in today?s hybrid microelectronics circuits. The QTC11 series is offered in a gold or silver termination finish for high-reliability conductive epoxy/wire bonded attachment.

Applications may include localized temperature sensing, temperature compensation, protection, and frequency control for sensitive communications systems and infrared sensing equipment.

The QTC11 Series is available for applications requiring narrow band, temperature point matching control and is also available in a military grade DSCC (Defense Supply Center Columbus) version. Contact Sequoia Technology for details.

  • Thermal Time Constant: 10 seconds max in still air
  • *Dissipation Constant: .625 mW/?C min in still air
  • *Power Rating: .0625 W at 25?C, derate to 0 W at 125?C
  • Resistance @25?C: 100 ohm to 20 meg ohm
  • Operating temperature range: -55?C to 125?C
  • Storage temperature range: -65?C to 150?C
  • *Thermal Time Constant and Dissipation Constant may vary depending on mounting
  • RoHS Compliant