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Vatell BF Range

Flat Heat Flux Sensors

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Key Features

Unfortunately these sensors are not available currently due to manufacturing problems - Please see SHF range of flat plate sensors

Flexible flat heat flux sensors in three sizes - 10x10mm, 25x25mm and 51x51mm and with or without additional thermocouple.

The BF range of heat flux sensors measures the rate of thermal energy flow per unit area (heat flux). When heat flows into or out of the transducer surface, a small temperature difference develops across the thermal resistance of the transducer thermopile. Each thermocouple pair of the thermopile produces a voltage proportional to heat flux. The total voltage across the thermopile is the sum of these voltages and indicates the direction and magnitude of heat flux.

Taking Measurements:

Recorded voltage signals can be converted to their respective heat flux and temperature levels using the calibration information included with each transducer. each transducer is calibrated to a NIST traceable standard. There are two connection wires associated with the basic BF Heat Flux Transducer; the positive and negative leads for heat flux. If purchased with a thermocouple, there will be a second pair of wires that are positive and negative leads for the thermocouple.


  • Low profile
  • Flexibility- small bend radius.
  • Low thermal resistance - little effect on measured parameter.
  • Equal sensitivity for measuring heat flow in both directions.
  • Output proportional in magnitude and polarity to heat flux.
  • Calibrated individually to a NIST traceable standard
  • Optional type T thermocouple (for temperature measurement) available.

Range of products:

  • BF02 - 10mm x 10mm - 1.0mV/(W/m2) min. sensitivity.
  • BF03 - 51mm x 51mm - 50mV/(W/m2) min. sensitivity
  • BF04 - 25mm x 25mm - 10mV/(W/m2) min. sensitivity
  • BF05 - 10mm x 10mm - lower sensitivity than BF02, thinner and higher thermal conductivity
  • BF06 - 51mm x 51mm - lower sensitivity than BF03, thinner and higher thermal conductivity
  • BF07 - 25mm x 25mm - lower sensitivity than BF04, thinner and higher thermal conductivity

All types available with additional thermocouple for temp measurement. See data sheet for full parameter list.