Sequoia SHF Range

Flat Plate Heat Flux Sensors

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Key Features
  • Temperature Independent
  • Can work to 200°C
  • Custom shapes and sizes available
  • Available in Rigid and Flexible types
  • Low Cost

Range of flat plate heat flux sensors - rigid and flexible from 10x10mm to 300x300mm as standard, up to 600x600mm as custom.

The SHF range of flat plate heat flux sensors are available in rigid form or flexible (F) and also with a thermocouple incorporated. Any permutation is available.

AN ULTRATHIN HEAT FLUX SENSOR -- The SHF range of thin foil flexible heat flux sensors consist of a thermoelectric panel laminated between flexible heterogeneous plastic layers. Since their introduction these thin etched foil balanced heat flux sensors have demonstrated significant advantage over conventional gradient layer heat flux sensors.

Advantages:- The thinner, the better: The main difficulty in measuring heat flux comes from the disturbance created by the sensor itself. By keeping a high accuracy of heat flux measurement through thin thermal resistant material it is possible to-

  • Reduce the increase of temperature of the sensor, and thus limit the impact of the sensor on the incident flux.
  • Get an accurate reading very rapidly as there is no need for a gradient of temperature to stabilize across a thick thermal resistant material.

Custom tailored for better fit: Size and shape possibilities are unlimited. The standard SHF range of sensors can be made as large as 300*300mm square or as small as 5*5mm square, but up to 600mm*600mm is possible by special order. You can specify intricate geometries to follow the curves of your hardware. Computed aided design produces uniform or profiled heat flux sensing elements to meet your precise needs.

Integral temperature sensor: an integral type T thermocouple can be built into the sensing area - ideal for heat transfer controllers.

A waterproof version (coated with an acrylic which does not change the heat flow properties) is now also available as an extra cost option. This is ideal for outdoor applications. Note that the waterproofing is suitable for low temperature operation only - up to 40°C. Above this temperature it will become sticky and eventually melt. The waterproof surface is not suitable for gluing as this can dissolve the acrylic coating.

Electric resistance : lower than 500 Ohm

Flexible: A flexible version is also available with a minimum bend radius of 2cm

Output wires : since a positive or negative voltage is provided depending on the heat flux direction, no special wiring is required. Wires are 1m PTFE. Blue & yellow for heat flux, brown & white for thermocouple (if fitted)


Numerous applications: Heat flux measurement, thermal process regulation, testing of thermal insulation, detection of frost/polymerisation/state change...



  • Accuracy: Thickness of 0.4 mm, guarantees minimal disturbance (sensors larger than 300mm x 300mm are 1.0mm thick)
  • Sensing Area: Up to several square feet (precisely shaped and sized on request)
  • Operating temperature: From - 180°C to 130°C. 200°C custom parts can be manufactured
  • Thermal resistance: 0.00015°C/W/m2
  • Input range: - 500 kW/ m2 to 500 kW/ m2
  • Electrical resistance: About 100 ohms for a sensing area of one 100mm2 (0.1 ft square).
  • Instrumentation: Any voltage measuring instrument having a 0.1 mV range
  • Connection: Either by welding or by copper Teflon insulated colour coded wires.
  • Response time: 0.3 sec
  • Temperature measurement with thermocouples type T (class 2) integrated in the sensor.
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  • SHF6060T
  • SHF flexible
    SHF flexible
  • SHF6060T Label
    SHF6060T Label
  • SHF6060T Whole
    SHF6060T Whole
  • SHF6116T 200DEG Example custom sensor
    SHF6116T 200DEG Example custom sensor
  • SHF6116T 200DEG wiring detail
    SHF6116T 200DEG wiring detail
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