Silicon Image CP2010

Evaluation Board

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Key Features
  • Easy evaluation of ABT2010
  • SiI9135 HDMI receiver
  • SiI9134 HDMI transmitter
  • SiI9181 HDMI buffer

The evaluation board for the ABT2010 offers 5xHDMI, Composite, S-Video and Component video in and HDMI out with push button configuration for fast and easy evaluation of the ABT2010s video capabilities.



  • 5x HDMI input using SiI9135 HDMI receiver, 5xSiI9181 buffers and Texas TMDS351 switch
  • HDMI output using SiI9134 HDMI transmitter
  • Composite, S-Video and Component (with syncs) video in using ADV7800
  • 2mm headers to allow full access to the audio and video signals into and out of the ABT2010
  • Many control options:
    • Push button control
    • DOS like command interface through RS232 port allows control of ADV7800, SiI9135, SiI9134, ABT2010 and reprogramming of EDID
    • .Net graphical interface for easy configuration and examination of ABT2010 registers
  • CP2010
  • CP2010 Back
    CP2010 Back
  • CP2010 Reverse
    CP2010 Reverse
  • CP2010 Side
    CP2010 Side