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Vatell AMP-8

Sensor Amplifier for use with HFM 6+7s

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Key Features
  • Specified gain to fit individual applications
  • Indefinite Continuous Use Possible

For use with HFM-6 and HFM-7 series - factory adjusted (specified by customer) gain setting


  • Customer-specified gain to fit individual applications
  • Indefinite Continuous Use Possible with 5V Mains wall block supplied
  • Compact Size
  • Simple Configuration Allows Easy, Straight-forward Use
  • Input cables 5V Mains wall block Included

The rest of the electrical specification is the same as the AMP-6, 10, 11 and 12.

Principle of Operation:

The AMP-8 is a 2 channel signal-conditioning instrumentation amplifier designed to be used with Heat Flux Microsensor (HFM) series. The HFM series of sensors consists of two sensors on the same surface. The Heat Flux Sensor (HFS) measures heat flux flowing through the sensor surface. The Resistance Temperature Sensor (RTS) measures the temperature at the face of the sensor. One channel of AMP-8 amplifies signals from the HFS portion of the HFM. The other channel excites the RTS portion of the HFM with a 100 microamp current source and then amplifies the resulting voltage signal.


The AMP-8 has a four-pin female Lemo connector to interface with the Heat Flux Microsensor. Male BNC connectors are provided for amplified heat flux and temperature output signals. The unit is powered with a 5 V mains wall block. Gains for heat flux and temperature channels are specified by the customer. The channels are then set and zeroed by the customerl.



  • 1.25 x 1.5 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 6oz
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