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Quantum Data Encryption Status Tester

HDCP Encryption Status Tester

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Key Features
  • Part of HDCP option for the 882EA
  • Used as part of an HDCP test suite

The Encryption Status Tester is a hardware tool that is used for HDCP compliance testing with the Quantum Data 882EA.

The main functional components of this product are the Encryption Status Tester (EST) box itself, and the SRM disk

What's in the box?

  • Encryption Status Tester
  • 12V power supply (part number 25-00094)
  • Line cord
  • Resource CD (part number 68-00192)
  • System Renewability Message (SRM) DVD disc (part number 68-00207)
  • EST flyer (part number 68-00210)

The SRM disc carries a colour bar test image together with sample System Renewability Messages used for HDCP CTS test 1A-08. Test 1A-08 is specific to transmitters that are capable of playing a DVD disc.

The power supply that is supplied with the EST has an output rated at 12V, 1.5A, centre positive. The manufacturer is CUI Inc, Model: DSA-0151D-12 P/N: DTS120150U-P5P-9MM