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Quantum Data HT-180

HDCP Handshake Tester for HDMI

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Key Features
  • HDCP Interoperability testing
  • Allows testing of sources, sinks and repeaters
  • Portable

Introducing the latest video test instrument from Quantum Data for testing HDCP interoperability in HDMI systems.

The HT-180 Handshake Tester for HDMI offered by Quantum Data enables users in R&D labs, service provider interoperability labs and field service techs to identify the root cause of HDCP, EDID and hot plug related interoperability problems in HDMI systems. The HT-180 provides HDMI ports for passive connection into an HDMI system comprised of a source (e.g. set top box or DVD), repeater (e.g. AVR controller) and an HDTV.

A graphical utility is provided for users to enter information about the site and the equipment in the HDMI system under test. Tests are initiated with the press of a button. When the test is complete, the unit's LCD display presents simple reason codes with severity levels to identify suspect behaviour of specific HDMI products in the system. During the test, the HT-180 monitors the HDCP, EDID and hot plug transactions over the I2C bus, analyzes the results and stores the transactions in a log file. The log files can be viewed with the Auxiliary Channel Analyzer on-site or later during post analysis of HDMI system problems.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Identify suspect device. Authoritative identification of suspect device as root cause while eliminating other devices from suspicion.
  • Ease of use. Reason codes are clearly associated with a particular device and mapped to a symptom and suggested repair action.
  • Identifies HDCP protocol problems. Reason codes are provided for HDCP handshake problems for all phases of HDCP authentication including cases with repeaters.
  • Identifies EDID problems. Reason codes are provided for EDID failures such as header and checksum as well as read errors.
  • Identifies hot plug / 5V problems. Reason codes are provided to detect failures of hot plug.
  • Collects trace data. Detailed I2C bus transaction data can be collected and examined on-site or back in lab. Trace data can be email to others for more detailed diagnosis.
  • Monitor transactions during HDCP compliance tests. Enables you to monitor HDCP transactions during HDCP compliance testing.
  • Powered through USB. Device is powered via a USB cable either from wall power or a connected PC.

What's in the Box?

  • HT-180 Handshake tester for HDMI
  • 6' USB cable
  • 12" HDMI-HDMI cable for AVR input bypass
  • Resource CD-ROM
  • US mains plug USB power adapter
  • Quick reference guide
  • Certificate of conformity

Ordering Information

Description RoHS Compliant? Part Number
HT-180 Yes 00-00216

Note: Unit is shipped with a 1 year parts and labour guarantee.

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