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Quantum Data 780 and 780A

Test 4K Ultra HD HDMI 2.0 sources and sinks

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Key Features
  • Produces HDMI test patterns
  • Produces audio test tones
  • Battery powered
  • Reads and decodes EDID
  • See EDID, HDCP and CEC transactions
  • Save reports
  • Supports 3D video
  • Measure HDMI timing
  • View HDMI Infoframes

The 780 handheld HDMI test instrument is a battery powered, portable multimedia pattern generator that enables you to conduct quick, on-site verification testing of your HDMI system and analogue video displays.

The 780 series handheld test instruments for HDMI® are battery-powered, portable video and audio generators and HDMI analysers that enable you to conduct quick, on-site verification testing and troubleshooting of your HDMI system and analog video displays. The 780 series instruments are equipped with both a reference HDMI source and a reference HDMI sink interface allowing you to test audio, video and HDMI protocols—HDCP, EDID, CEC & infoframes—of any type of HDMI device: sources, repeaters and sinks.


There are two (2) 780 series models available:

1) The 780 supports HDMI testing at pixel rates up to 165MHz and TMDS rates up to 225MHz for deep colour on the output and pixel rates up to 150MHz on the HDMI input.

2) The 780A supports testing of 4K Ultra HD HDMI 2.0 devices at 50/60Hz. NEW! Tests HDMI 2.0 features including: 1) 4:2:0 pixel encoding on sources and sinks and 2) EDID emulation for testing HDMI 2.0 sources and distribution devices.


Please check out the 780 Series Feature Comparison Chart to get a general understanding of the feature differences between the models.

You can use the 780 instruments as a pattern generator for calibrating your high definition TVs. The 780s are equipped with a variety of standard patterns and formats including deep color and HDMI 3D formats.

Because the 780 series instruments have both HDMI output and HDMI input ports, you can test your HDMI cables and systems with splitters, extenders and switches even when already installed on site using the Frame Compare feature.

The 780 series instruments can also be equipped with the optional Auxiliary Channel Analyser (ACA) utility for monitoring the DDC (HDCP and EDID) transactions and hot plug events. There are two ACA options, one for monitoring while emulating an HDMI source and/or sink and a second option for monitoring passively an HDMI network comprised of an HDMI source, repeater and sink. The passive monitoring option requires an extra hardware board with 4 HDMI ports.

The 780 family's portability makes them ideal for your bench and for use in the field. A colour touch display makes the 780 instruments easy and convenient to use and when testing a source device you can view the incoming video image and metadata on the built-in LCD.


Standard Features (included with all options)

  • Battery powered for portability. Device is powered via internal batteries or externally via an AC charger.
  • Video pattern testing. Test a display's HDMI and analogue component inputs to ensure that it can render video test patterns including deep colour and HDMI 1.4a 3D patterns. Over 25 video patterns supported. Create and add your own custom bitmaps. Scroll bitmap patterns to test for motion artefacts.
  • Audio testing. Send audio patterns, tones & noise through HDMI, SPDIF or Optical digital audio outputs. Program audio parameters such as sampling rate, bit depth and channels. Use a variety of audio formats including LPCM, Dolby, and DTS, and high bitrate audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio.
  • HDMI analyser for sources. Emulate a known-good HDMI sink device to test video and audio content from an HDMI source device with HDCP content protection. View the incoming video images and metadata from a source device on the LCD display even when content is protected with HDCP.
  • Installer Utility. Quickly diagnose HDMI interoperability problems through an automated and simplified interface. Run tests upstream toward the source, downstream toward the sink or test both upstream and downstream simultaneously with the "Link test". The utility also enables you to test on both sides of a repeater.

Network Analyzer Option

  • Verify HDCP on repeaters and displays. Send HDCP encrypted video content to a downstream repeater (e.g. AVR) and/or sink (e.g. DTV). Check the authentication response from the sink.
  • Check Max HDCP HDMI devices. Check the number of HDCP devices an HDMI source supports during HDCP authentication.
  • Verify video timing. Verify the timing of an HDMI source. Compare against a known-good timing.
  • Verify video type. Verify the video type of an HDMI source. View AVI infoframe content.
  • Identify EDID problems. Run verification tests on the EDID of a sink device such as an HDTV or input of a repeater device. View the entire contents of the EDID of the sink device. Run portions of the EDID compliance test. Compare two EDIDs.
  • Verify an HDMI source's response to an EDID. Emulate the EDID of any HDMI sink device to verify that an HDMI source device responds properly to it. Store and retrieve multiple EDIDs for use in testing.
  • Verify audio data. Read the audio infoframes and audio sample packet headers including channel status bits from a connected HDMI source.
  • Check for CEC devices. Poll an HDMI installation for CEC devices.

HDMI Cable & Link Test Option

  • Verify HDMI cables. Run tests on HDMI cables. Test for pixel errors on multiple formats (resolutions) on the TMDS video and check continuity on the 5 volt, hot plug and DDC lines.
  • Prequalify HDMI networks (prior to installation) with Repeater Test. Verify HDMI networks comprised of cables, audio/video processors, extenders, switches, repeaters, etc. prior to installation. Test for pixel errors on multiple formats (resolutions) on the TMDS video and check continuity on the 5 volt, hot plug and DDC lines.
  • Test HDMI networks (once installed) with Frame Compare test. Verify HDMI networks comprised of cables, audio/video processors, extenders, switches, repeaters, etc. once installed. Test for pixel errors on the TMDS video.

HDMI Auxiliary Channel Analyzer (ACA) option - Two options available

  • Option 1 - Emulation monitoring of DDC transactions and hot plug events. Monitor the HDCP and EDID transactions on the DDC and also monitor hot plug related events while the 780 is emulating a known-good source device, a known-good display device or both.
  • Option 2 - Passive monitoring of DDC transactions and hot plug events (includes emulation monitoring option). Monitor the HDCP and EDID transactions on the DDC and also monitor hot plug related events while the 780 is passively monitoring an HDMI system comprised of multiple devices. Requires an additional hardware module with four (4) additional HDMI ports.

Custom Bitmap Test Pattern Packs

  • Test Pattern Packages. Purchase custom test images or Pattern Packs for specific testing purposes. Select these test patterns through the Video Pattern menu.
    • China Res Test Pattern Pack: This is a test pattern specified by the National Testing and Inspection Center for Radio & TV Products of China.
      HDTV: static 16:9 test pattern at 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720 resolutions.
      SDTV: static 4:3 test pattern at 720 x 576 and 720 x 480 resolutions.

What's in the box?

  • 780 Handheld Video Test Instrument for HDMI
  • 12V, 1.5A power supply adapter. 100-240V IEC mains input. Use Strontronics DSA-0151D-12 if replacement is required.
  • US Line cord for power supply adaptor
  • HDMI-HDMI type A cable (2.0m)
  • USB 2.0 cable (1.8m)
  • VGA to 3RCA adapter cable (0.9m)
  • 780 Quick start manual
  • Certificate of Calibration/test & conformity
  • 780 Profile
    780 Profile
  • 780 Top
    780 Top
  • 780 Front
    780 Front
  • 780 Rear
    780 Rear
  • 780 Back
    780 Back
  • 780 Back Stand
    780 Back Stand
  • 780 In Case
    780 In Case
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