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Temperature monitoring products

Temperature is the most popular parameter to remotely sense, datalog and control and is the parameter most likely to be needed to monitor and log to enable proof of how products have been stored or processes carried out.

The devices shown on the right hand side will sense the temperature using one or more external sensors. In addition, some devices can use humidity and other sensors for remotely monitoring other parameters.

The products fall into the following main categories: Standalone or Networked (GSM, Ethernet LAN or WiFi) Single Sensor or multi-sensor.  Networked (LAN) systems will normally require an external power supply except in the case of the Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices which use a PoE switch to provide power over the ethernet connection.

Applications include:

  • Temperature in Server Rooms
  • Fridge and Freezer monitoring
  • Livestock transportation
  • Museum and gallery monitoring
  • NHS and healtcare, environment and medicine temperature monitoring
  • Food preparation and storage
  • Property monitoring



  • Temperature Sensing
  • Standalone or networked
  • Ethernet LAN / WiFi / GSM Mobile network
  • Data logging devices available
  • P8510

    Websensor with Built-In Temperature sensor LAN interface

    P8510 Ethernet temperature sensor
  • P8610

    PoE Websensor with one integrated temperature sensor

  • T3510

    Temperature and humidity web sensor



P8510 Ethernet temperature sensor P8610 T3510
P8510 P8610 T3510
Interface Ethernet
Measure Value Realtive Humidity + Temperature
Email Alerts Yes
LCD Display Yes
Network Connectivity Ethernet LAN