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Schmidt-Boelter for low heat flux measurement

The Schmidt-Boelter range of heat flux sensors complements the Thermogage heat flux sensors. Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensors should be chosen over the Thermogage heat flux sensors in a number of circumstances:

Where convective heat flux accuracy is important. The Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensors measure the temperature difference through the body of the sensor (across the wafer) instead of across the face of the sensor as is the case of the Thermogage heat flux sensors.

Where there are low heat flux levels. The minimum range of a Thermogage heat flux sensor is 5W/cm². Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensors are able to measure much smaller levels of heat flux than this.


  • SB1000

    Water cooled Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensor

    TG1000-0 Back
  • SB2000

    Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensor



TG1000-0 Back TG2000
SB1000 SB2000