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Sequoia Sensors specialises in niche, high quality sensor products. We offer unrivalled range of Radiative, conductive and convective Heat Flux sensors, used for measuring heat energy. These include our low cost flat plate sensors for use in determining heat energy through surfaces, to Thermogage and Schmidt Boelter sensors for measurement of heat flux in fires to the fastest response time heat flux sensors in our HFM range.

Our Fibre Optic sensors are used in many industries, such as medical and power generators and are perfect for using in environments where EMC and magnetic interference is an issue, including factories, power stations and in aerospace industries.

  • EM01b-FLD - EM01b remote temp, humidity, bundled with flood detection feature
  • MS6D - 16 Channel Datalogger
  • HFM-7 E-H - 600°C Heat Flux Microsensor plus RTS temp sensor
    HFM-7 E-H
  • Carbon GSM-TH - Temperature and humidity data logger with GSM alerts
    Carbon GSM-TH

Remote Monitoring Systems

There are numerous applications where remote monitoring of physical parameters (Temperature, Humidity, Light, Door/Window contacts) provides real benefits, increased efficiencies and reduce costs. The products listed below are typically deployed in industrial applications such as Medicine and food fridges/freezers, industrial control and server room monitoring.

Sequoia provide high quality sensors including fibre optic sensors and specialist heat flux sensors as well as ethernet and GPRS connected remote monitoring and data logging products.The data loggers can be connected with additional 1-wire sensors and provide alarms/alerts when temperatures or other physical parameters go outside of preset levels. Sequoia remote monitoring devices are also used for water leak detection.

Remote monitoring products

Server Room Monitoring

Fridge/Freezer Monitoring

Ensuring equpiment in server rooms continues to operate with maximum uptime is made easier with network connected Server Room Monitoring Systems. These products will sense and alert administrators about temperatures, humidity, light levels as well as door closure contacts to detect unauthorised access to cabinets. Detect potential issues before they become a problem with alerts sent via email, SMS text message or phone ring. Monitoring of goods held in commercial, industrial and NHS/Medice fridges is often a lagal requirement if not good practise in order to ensure high quality of stored items.Sequoia industrial fridge/freezer monitoring products are able to sense the temperature of one or more fridges/freezers with high quality calibrated sensors. Alerts are made via emaila and/or SMS text message and data may be recorded for later.It is important to note that many fridge and feezer monitoring equipment require a traceable calibration certificate. Our solutions include such products, as well as other solutions that fit this area.